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1st 4-Yrs-Old  RAWF 2011
Grand Champion EIHQ 2011


Great New Classification Scores today;
11 VG 2yr Olds
3 VG 89 2nd Calf
8 Ex ( 3 New)

11 new VG 1st calf;

Jacobs Baxter Brune VG 87; 5th Jnr Yrs WDE 2011, Same family as Britany, Owned by Ferme JP Poulin et fils

Jacobs Duplex Bentley VG 86; Same family as Britany
Jacobs Sanchez Lotto VG 86; Dam Liza VG 89 2nd Calf
Eastriver Gold Deb 861 VG 85; Full sister 2nd Milking Yearling RAWF, Dam EX 95

Jacobs Goldwyn Favor; Same family as Voltage
Riverdown Goldwyn Ashlyn VG 85; 2D Chief Adeen
Jacobs Goldwyn Marguerite VG 85
Blondin Goldwyn Golden VG 85; Dam Cherry Crest Lyster Golden Ex 95
Jacobs Goldwyn Victory VG85; Sister to Voltage
Jacobs Shottle Patricia VG 85
Jacobs Pronto Biance VG 85: Dam Champion Bianca

3 VG-89 2nd calf and more;
Jacobs Minister Aima VG 89 2nd Calf; 5th Snr 2 RAWF 2011
Jacobs Dolman Vanille VG 89 2nd Calf; 4th Jnr 3 EIHQ 2011
Jacobs Goldwyn Blacka VG 89 2nd Calf; Dam Champion Bianca
Jacobs Goldwyn Be VG87 2nd Calf; Same family as Britany, MAT Sister; Bentley

6 other new VG 2nd Calf cows;

Raised in Score:
Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX 95 ; 1st 4YRS RAWF 2011
Jacobs Jasper Little EX 93 3E; 10th Mature Cow WDE and RAWF 2011
Jacobs Goldwyn Emory EX 92; 3rd 4Yrs WDE 2011

New Ex:
Jacobs Talent Choice EX 91; A Barn Favourite
Jacobs Terrason Valor EX; Same family as Voltage
Jacobs Lyster Ripel EX; 4th Generation Homebred EX

Repeat EX:
Jacobs Primetime Tatou EX 2E; Dam J. Lyster Tanio EX 93
Eastside Goldwyn Gabrielle EX 2E


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