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Holstein Quebec Spring Show




3rd Senior Calf: JACOBS SID BAMBA (Daughter of BRITANY)

7th Senior Calf : JACOBS ATWOOD LAURALEE (Embryo from CRASDALE DUNDEE LIZA) : Owned by Ferme MCF Inc.

3rd Senior Yearling : JACOBS GOLDWYN VICKY (Daughter of DUNDEE VOLTAGE)

5th Senior Yearling : JACOBS JORDAN BABE


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Classe 7 - Troupeau d'Úleveur Junior

1st Senior 2-Year-old and H-M Intermediate Champion: JACOBS DUPLEX ANNA








3rd 4 year-old : JACOBS MINISTER AIMA (Daughter of TERRASON ASTER)


2nd 5 year-old : JACOBS JASPER ABELLA (Daughter of TERRASON ASTER)

Classe 13 - 5 ans

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